Saturday, October 15, 2011


She liked the term "Queening" over face sitting. It was more than just sitting on his face, it was the thrill that came with the power. She loved to feel his head between her thighs and position herself just how she wanted onto his waiting mouth. She even started binding his hands together. They didn't have any rope in the house (who keeps rope these days?), but some cerran-wrap from the kitchen did the trick. Bound, he could only touch himself as she controlled his mouth against her folds. She could reach down and press his face deeper into her, forcing him to inhale her musk and lap at her wetness. She had no idea how strong her dominant side could be, until she let it out to play.

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turkey butt said...

I used the term "Queening" in an erotic story that got published in The story's called "Waitress gets her itch scratched," by author "turkey butt." Thanks for the idea -- the event already had happened, I just learned the proper name for the act... thanks!